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Master Bedroom Refresh

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Yellow, Brown, and White Bedding | Harper + Oakley

Last weekend, my fiance and I decided to re-arrange our bedroom.  I have big ideas for this room, but it hasn't gotten the attention it deserves since we moved into our house a little over a year ago.  When I received this quilt as a shower gift recently, I decided that it was the perfect time to do a little makeover.  My overall goal is to design a room that feels fresh, calm, and clean

I've been collecting ideas on my Master Bedroom Pinterest Board for a while now, so I referred back to that for inspiration.  I kept our color palette of yellow, brown, and white, but focused on using white as the base and only adding in touches of yellow and brown for accents.  This helped to create the fresh and clean vibe.  

One of the biggest changes we made was the position of the bed.  We decided to move it in between the windows, and it was a game-changer!  It instantly created more space and helped to frame and showcase the bed.  Plus, I've been opening our blinds a lot more to let in light, and it really brightens the space...and my mood! 

Master Bedroom Refresh | Harper + Oakley

In the spirit of simplicity, I cleared off my nightstand and started fresh.  I removed my large digital alarm clock in favor of my cell phone alarm and kept only the essentials within arms reach: a lamp, tissues, my ring dish, a notepad, and my favorite books and journals. 

Nightstand | Harper + Oakley
Bedside Books | Harper + Oakley

We did a similar refresh to Billy's tray-table-turned-nightstand.  He has a bowl for his watches, some books, and a picture frame with our Save the Date (made by the amazing Allie of Announce This). 

Nightstand Decorations | Harper + Oakley

This mini-makeover has transformed our room, and it makes me even more excited to finally "finish" it.  Although we all know that a room is never really finished, it feels good to check some things off the to do list and begin making strides towards my vision. 

To Do

  • Move bed between windows
  • Replace yellow and brown quilt with white bedding
  • Create a cozy reading corner (like this one from A Thoughtful Place)
  • Gradually replace or paint furniture
  • Finish decorating the walls

Wish List

  • Curtains
  • Rug
  • Bench for bottom of the bed
  • Cozy chair for reading corner
  • Statement piece for above the bed
  • Matching nightstands
  • Matching bedside lamps
  • Upholstered headboard
  • Desk

I'll update you as our room continues to evolve, but be sure to follow my Instagram and Pinterest for behind-the-scenes pictures and sneak-peeks!

Have you ever needed a change?  What do you think of my simple master bedroom refresh?