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About Maggie

  Photo by Atley Marks Photography

Photo by Atley Marks Photography

Hi!  I'm Maggie Wilkinson, the free-spirited businesswoman behind this blog.  I've always had two sides to my personality - the analytical, perfectionist side, and the creative, curious side.   My interests and passions change all of the time, and I love to learn new things.  

I'm hoping that this blog will be a place for sharing ideas, making meaningful connections, and learning from all of you (learn more about how I started my blog here). 

At this stage in my life, I'm a newlywed, living with my husband and rescue dog in a house outside of Kansas City.  I'm striving to be more purposeful in everything I do so that I can grow into the best possible version of myself.

Thanks for joining me on this journey - I hope you enjoy!